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The Rise of ‘Fast Fashion’, and the Fall of the Planet?

Happy new year one and all!  I hope you all had the holiday season that you wanted, and are feeling refreshed and ready to return to work, or if you’ve been working over the last few weeks – thank you, and I hope now you get to take a little time for yourself; and if… Continue reading The Rise of ‘Fast Fashion’, and the Fall of the Planet?

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Sunglasses Review with

Hello guys and gals!  I hope you’re all keeping well and didn’t miss me too much when I was taking a break from blogging?  I’m back now, and will be posting often – although I won’t be posting in the regimented fashion I was, as it’s simply too much strain on my free time, and… Continue reading Sunglasses Review with

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The Body-positive Movement: a New Perspective

Some friends & I have been having a pretty interesting conversation about the current emphasis on what’s known as the body-positive movement’ (BPM); in brief, the body-positive movement “explores taking up occupancy inside your own skin, rather than living above the chin until you’re thin.  It’s a set of ideas that may help you find… Continue reading The Body-positive Movement: a New Perspective

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The Vintage Craft Fair

I was asked recently if I’d like to attend an upcoming event – The Vintage Craft Fair – I jumped at the chance, as vintage and vintage-related events are, sadly, few and far between in Cumbria.  Cumbria, being Cumbria, and home to The Lake District, isn’t known for being the driest of places, so I was… Continue reading The Vintage Craft Fair