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Pin Up Girl Clothing: Erin – New Vs Old

Now that my little corner of the world is finally experiencing winter, I’ve been reminded of the associated problems it brings.  Don’t get me wrong – I love snow!  But the cold weather and slippery ground is no place to be taking photos wearing little besides a dress, some stockings, and a pair of shoes.  So today, I ask you – rather than take the included photos for face value and write off this review, see them as the sprinkles on top of a sundae – nothing by themselves but so important when added to ice cream, fruit, nuts, and syrup.

With that said, let’s get on with the comparison…

I bought my first Erin dress in December 2014, in berry, following the size chart I got an extra small.  It fit just as I expected, and I seem to recall got a fair bit of use that holiday season, and even back at work too – although with a lace camisole underneath, as much as I liked the cleavage it didn’t feel that it was particularly office appropriate.


Although the dresses are on slightly different shape/style hangers you can see the basic outline is the same, as is the length

I ordered the new-style Erin in November last year, this time in plum and still in an extra small – for me at least – the size chart hadn’t changed.  At first look, I couldn’t really see a lot of difference – and I liked the ‘new’ one as much as the ‘old’ one.  It was actually shortly after this I decided to do a comparison post, so I decided not to wear either of them until I got chance to write & shoot for this post – so as not to confuse the two in my mind.  Sadly, life got in the way for a little while, but I finally got some spare time yesterday.






A close-up on the strap detailing, the old Erin is slightly shapelier than the new


As you can see, side-by-side the dresses are almost identical in shape – the only slight difference is that the straps on the old Erin have a small amount of horizontal rouching (or gathering, if you prefer) which narrows the strap slightly; although this has only a small effect on the strap and the overall look of the dress, I do prefer the rouched straps of the old Erin to the rouch-less straps of the new.





As I said, although boobs are great and a bit of cleavage is fine, the original Erin was perhaps a bit too much for office wear, at least without a cami underneath, if you happened to be well-endowed in the bra department





However, in terms of overall fit, the old Erin was – as with all PUG – true-to-size and a fantastic fit, as well as quality.  I’m 5’3″ and it hits me just below my knees; the dress is made of that wonderful PUG bengaline we all know and love, so it’s comfortable to wear at a desk all day but also it doesn’t sag & bag like a cheaper dress might.  All around it’s perfect, if perhaps a bit too ‘showy’ for some.






There’s a walking slit in the back, which while not as visually interesting as some other options for movement, it’s certainly safer for sitting in as there’s nothing that may get accidentally ‘pressed’ out of place.








Little to nothing has changed in the overall construction of the dress – it’s still the same wonderful, comfortable fit that hits just below my knees, and still made out of wonderful bengaline; although the straps are ever so slightly wider it doesn’t make a huge difference once you get the dress on







And it looks same from the back too – there’s still a walking slit, although it’s slightly shorter in the re-designed Erin, it doesn’t make your wiggle any less appealing, in you catch my drif







However, get a bit closer and you can see, while still a flattering fit, the re-designed Erin isn’t quite as “in-your-face” as the old Erin (and yes, I am wearing the exact same bra under both dresses); I’m not a dressmaker, but I can see the pleating and cross-over detailing around the bust has changed ever so slightly, and I think it’s a good change, as it means that for a lot of us Erin isn’t consigned to a winter-only dress as she no longer needs warn with extra layers.


To finish, I’d definitely recommend any wiggle dress fans take a look at the Erin, but especially if you were put off it previously, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the redesign; and if you’ve never had an Erin before – you don’t know what you’re missing out on, definitely pick one up when you can!  Whether you wear her for work or for play, you’re sure to fall in love.

Dresses: both are the Erin dress from Pin Up Girl Clothing, although only the new style (plum/purple in this post) is now available
Shoes: vintage from UKCharmVintage, on Etsy

Disclaimer: Pin Up Girl Clothing have not asked me to write this comparison, I paid for both dresses myself and have written this post simply to look at the differences between both of them. All opinions expressed are mine and mine only.


5 thoughts on “Pin Up Girl Clothing: Erin – New Vs Old

  1. Seriously va-va-gorgeous! What a fantastic frock. From the colour to the stunning way it hugs your curves, it’s nothing short of fabulous from start to stylish finish.

    Big hugs & so many thanks for all of your wonderful recent blog comments,
    ♥ Jessica


    1. Thanks Vera! I don’t think anyone could ever look like a sausage in casing while wearing PUG, so I say if you like the look of the Erin, treat yourself 😉 And share with me when you do, I bet you’ll look gorgeous in her!

      Liked by 1 person

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