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A Sea Siren With a Hawaiian Hideaway

Recently, I’ve been getting a lot of search hits for ‘Hawaiian Hideaway‘, as well as a lot of questions about it and the Sea Siren; most likely because these both recently hit the Pinup Girl Clothing ‘online yard sale’ (OYS).  The Hawaiian Hideaway has sold out in the purple colourway (which I own) – but has a waitlist option – though limited sizes are still available in the blue and orange colourways.  The Sea Siren is only available in the mustard colourway in 3X & 4X, though the smaller sizes have a waitlist option, the other colourways have been removed from the PUG site, whether they will return (or other colours will be available in the future) I don’t yet know.

Today I want to take a look at both of these beautiful dresses, so I can help you dolls make the decision on whether you want to get one (or both!) of them, either in the OYS, in one of the swap groups, or when they’re brought back in the coming months.

Because I’m reviewing two dresses today, I’ll briefly cover the important points, and share some photos, but if there’s anything I’ve missed or you’d like to clarify, feel free to leave a comment below.

First, let’s start off with size: my measurements are 34-24-34, so following the size charts for both dresses, I went with my usual size of extra small.

Hawaiian Hideaway

The Hawaiian Hideaway size chart says the XS will fit a bust size of 34 – 36, and a waist size of 24 – 25, with open hips; with this in mind, I can definitely say that while it’s one of the “bigger” ‘extra small’ PUG dresses to grace my wardrobe, there’s no harm in that, it’s a very well-fitting dress and given that I’m at the smaller end of the range I had no need to consider sizing up, but as there’s no stretch to the fabric I’d suspect that anyone who was between sizes, or maybe even at the larger end of a given range, would be best-off sizing up.



I’ll admit, until recently I was on the fence about the length of this  dress’ I’m 5’3″ so without a petticoat it hits me right about mid-calf height, which I personally don’t like – although I know that other gals are happy to find longer length dresses or who don’t mind wearing longer dresses & skirts.  So, what changed my mind, you ask?  The Hell Bunny petticoat I bought for my Alice in Wonderland cosplay – it’s floofier and also slightly longer than my Banned petticoat (not to mention a whole lot softer!), and also a lot more appropriate and manageable for every day wear as opposed to my Sam’s Petticoats, so it means that the hemline is raised higher up my calf, which is better for me to show the world that I do actually have legs!


The Hawaiian Hideaway also has huge pockets – like my Nancy, I can fit my whole forearm inside them!


I love how comfortable my Hawaiian Hideaway dress is, for me it’s the kind of “I’m not getting dressed up dress” I’d happily wear to a meal out, as I’d know I’d be more than able to stuff myself full of wonderful food and still be comfortable afterwards, rather than wanting to rush home and get changed.





Talking of wearing my Hawaiian Hideaway to go out in, if you want to dress it up, it’s simple to with the matching bolero – I think it helps to add a special little something that throwing a plan bolero or cardi – with this any dress – can’t quite manage.  Having said that, I’m also perfectly happy wearing my Hawaiian Hideaway to the office or in to town, either with a plan bolero, or on its’ own in summer.





Sea Siren

Unlike the Hawaiian Hideaway, the size chart for the Sea Siren says I’m right at the top end of the chart for the XS for the bust, but at the low end of the chart for the waist; with a bust range of 32 – 34, and a waist range of 24 – 25.  Having gone with the extra small, for me, was definitely the right choice, but unlike with the Hawaiian Hideaway I’d definitely suggest that anyone considering the need to size up in this dress do so, as it’s rather tight in the bodice,



Although its’ a close-fitting dress, I think that the extra small was the right choice for me – the small would have been huge through the waist, and all the fit means is I’m stuck wearing my Merry Widow under the Sea Siren (I know, I know, I hear all of you moaning along with me 😉 ).  I’ve never worn my Sea Siren without a petticoat, but it hits just below my knees with the same Hell Bunny petticoat, and I suspect that while it would obviously be longer without a petticoat, it wouldn’t be as long as my Hawaiian Hideaway.




Because I’m at the higher-end of the size range for the bust of the Sea Siren, it’s a little tighter dress, and while I wouldn’t wear it to an all-you-can-eat buffet, I personally have no comfort issues with it, having worn it on a cinema date night with Mr LPU, as well as a couple of times for a night out.





The Sea Siren dress also has pockets, which while not as deep as the Hawaiian Hideaway or Nancy, they’re still more than deep enough for your mobile phone, lipstick, or even a small coin purse; it also has a matching bolero – this time it’s a tulip kimono-style, and I especially love the style of the sleeves, it’s not a typical sleeve shape, and I think it’s overall a really flattering item, and especially looks good with the Sea Siren dress.



In fact, I think the only thing the Sea Siren has going against it, is that it’s not much of an ‘everyday’ dress, and that’s pretty much how often I want to wear it!  I love the shade of green, and I love that the pink matches my pink hair when it’s recently been dyed, and I adore the way the patten increases towards the hemline, rather than being all over the dress.  In all honesty, there is one downside to this dress: in the description on the website, PUG say the neck-strap is  detachable – and possibly it’s just me dress (or me!) but I can’t see a way to detach it without opening up the dress or taking scissors to it; however, it’s simple enough to just tuck it away and then you have a super sassy strapless dress!



I hope I’ve helped you if you’ve been considering either of these dresses, and as I said above – if there’s anything I’ve not covered in this review, or anything you’d like to clarify please do ask me, either in the comments below or if you’d prefer you can send me an email through the contact form on this page.

For this post I styled both dresses with simple bamboo bangles, reproduction lucite earrings with pieces of shell in them, a pair of vintage fully fashioned stockings, black shoes, and my awesome Hell Bunny petticoat.

Disclaimer: Pinup Girl Clothing have not asked me to write this review, I paid for both dresses myself and have written this review simply for the love of them. All opinions expressed are mine and mine only.


8 thoughts on “A Sea Siren With a Hawaiian Hideaway

  1. Thank you for such a fabulously detailed review, pretty lady. Both dresses look absolutely stunning on you! I really adore the boarder print on the Sea Siren as well as the unique cut of the bolero. Yay for pockets too!


  2. The Sea Siren is gorgeous! Too bad I didn’t take much notice of it until they’ve been discontinued (or only available in the larger sizes). Love both looks on you, and love the fact of the pockets.


    1. Isn’t it? I wish I could wear it more often! With any luck they’ll be bringing it back, unless they’re doing away with the entire Hawaiian capsule collection (but I would hope they wouldn’t)


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