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Red My Lips

A few people have noted that I’ve started using a new hashtag on Instagram, and that is #RedMyLips.



As a warrior, I feel any cause to help educate the general public – who often (sadly) believe what they’re told by the media (“good girls don’t get raped”, and so on) – is a wonderful thing, but especially how could I ignore something that asks us to wear red lipstick?



I think the Red My Lips website says it much better than I ever could, so I will leave you with two quotes from their ‘about’ section, and ask that you support this – and similar – organisations any way you can, and if you ever find yourself in a situation where you could educate one or more people on the facts surrounding rape and/or abuse please do so.

Red My Lips is an international nonprofit organization based out of the U.S. We run an annual global awareness campaign where our fierce and fearless supporters rock red lipstick all throughout the month of April (Sexual Assault Awareness Month) to demonstrate solidarity and support for survivors and start important conversations with people in their lives. Red My Lips is designed to raise visibility and awareness about the realities and prevalence of sexual violence, while combatting rape myths and victim-blaming.  


We continue to convince ourselves that rape only happens to ‘those girls’ who ‘weren’t careful,’ ‘gave mixed signals,’ or ‘put themselves in a bad situation.’  This tendency to deny, shame, or blame survivors who come forward only serves to convince other survivors that they are wise to keep quiet, giving those who perpetrate these crimes free reign to continue doing so without consequence. Additionally, we frequently misunderstand rape and sexual assault as something provoked by uncontrollable sexual attraction or desire…instead of what it is: an act of domination, entitlement, and violence.


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