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Nancy: a New Style, a New Pattern

I know I’m not alone when I say that I frequently stalk the ‘coming soon‘ and ‘new items‘ sections of the Pinup Girl Clothing website, “waitlisting” for items that I’m really super-excited about, and keeping an eye out for other things that I’m “just” excited for (it’s PUG – those really are the only options!).

When I saw the new ‘Nancy’ dress, I knew it was something I was excited about, so when it was released just before I was planning on making an order, I was happy to be able to jig a few things about and add it in the ‘pink lemonade print’ to that order.  I’ll be honest, I wasn’t so keen on the sounds of the heart-shaped buttons, but she had adjustable straps, lace ruffle-trimmed, ruched, and sweetheart bust, and best of all she’s got pockets…useable pockets in skirts and dresses are the best thing!

Nancy, sans petticoat (and sans summer!)



Nancy looks like the quintessential summer dress – a nice, light print, fitted bodice – but not too much – and a nice, flowing skirt of just the right length that looks great with or without a petticoat.  Although that hasn’t stopped me from wearing her a couple of times already (which you may have seen if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, – I couldn’t help myself!)

As you can see, without a petticoat the hem of Nancys’ skirt lands below my knee, but seeing as I’m only 5’3″ in my stockinged feet I’m sure it wouldn’t be too short on a taller gal.

One other thing that I love about my PUG dresses with pockets is that they’re completely hidden, until you put your hands (or, in my case my whole forearm!) in them.



I was excited when my order containing Nancy arrived, and the first thing I found is that she is very true-to-size, I ordered an extra small as according to the size charts that’s my ‘perfect fit’ but I forgot that at the time I was carrying an extra inch or so and while I could get her on she was fairly tight to zip up!  Thankfully, that little extra was already on its’ way out so it wasn’t long until I could comfortably wear her.

Nancy’s bodice is self-lined on the front panel, and lined with a satin-y fabric on the back panels, and while I personally don’t tend to go bra-less, it’s a fairly supportive bodice so I imagine that if that’s something you’re comfortable doing then Nancy should be able to support you.  She closes with a back zip, which has a hook-and-eye fastening at the top; and with her adjustable straps, it’s easy to get a perfect fit.

Nancy has a full skirt, so while she can be worn without a petticoat, she looks wonderful with a little bit of ‘floof’, so I took advantage of our stormy weather this weekend and took to my garden to show off Nancy, and two different petticoats.  This made for a lot of fun with the wind Northern England has been experiencing this weekend!


First up, is my ‘everyday’ petticoat also known as “my little bit of floof”; this is sensible petticoat that I wear for work, running errands, and so on; it adds a nice little bit of bounce, but doesn’t get in the way or stop me from moving around my own home!

You can see it helps to lift the skirt and show off the print a little bit, but it’s still entirely manageable and practical – it would be especially perfect for gals that want to wear petticoats but are worried about wearing a very full and swishy petticoat.






Of course, with any petticoat, a little breeze may help to show it to best effect…


Or you may just want to give it a twirl and show it off!




I was pleasantly surprised to find that when I slipped my “big, super-poofy petticoat” (which is a Sams’ Petticoat, from Vivien of Holloway) under Nancy, the fabric was heavy enough to keep it a little more under control than I’m used to  – I love, love, love my big petticoats but at the moment they usually make my skirt or dress too big to easily move about my house(!).






A twirl in this petticoat really helps top show it’s colour off

And the wind even co-operated to give me a bit of a “Marilyn moment”




Overall, I think Nancy is a wonderful, versatile dress – perhaps not one to wear with a big petticoat on a windy day – but certainly comfortable, flattering, and with the best pockets!  It looks great without a petticoat, but easily takes whatever level of ‘floof’ you’re happy  to wear.  And as for those heart-shaped buttons?  I don’t think they’re particularly noticeable, but if you really weren’t keen on them they’d be easily removed – or replaced if you’d prefer.

What about you, do you stalk PUGs’ coming soon or new items list?  Or are you not that obsessed yet, or perhaps you prefer anther retailers’ coming soon/new items section?  I’d love if you’d share with me in the comments below!


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