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Are You Always a Pin Up, Taylor?

Staying with my last posts’ theme of questions I often get asked, I thought this week it would be interesting to to consider one of the most frequent questions I get asked – both in person and online – and that is whether I’m “always a pin up”, and the related queries of do I “always dress pin up”, and do I “ever just wear sweatpants and a hoodie”.


Of course, I like to be as stylish as I can at all times – I love taking the time to do my hair & make up every day, and select just the right outfit for my mood, the day, and even the weather.

My Instagram feed is basically a homage to the fact I like to put effort in to looking my best at all times, and while I do try to be attired as appropriately as possible, sometimes it’s fun not to be!


Like on Saturday, I had some errands to run in town, it was a nice February day, and though some would argue it wasn’t really warm enough for capri pants and a denim jacket, I’m getting so very bored of constantly being wrapped up like “Nanook of the North”, I had to do something about it!



Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 18.44.58


Another example of my “always” being pin up is this outfit post on the right – this was taken before Mr LPU & I headed out to the cinema for the evening.  Of course, most people nowadays tend to wear whatever they’ve had on all day if they’re going to watch a movie, typically jeans and a top, perhaps trainers or a pair of flat shoes, maybe even jogging pants and a hoodie.


And that’s fine – it really is!  While – like Dita von Teese – I fully believe that being well dressed is an extension of good manners, I also know that the beauty of the modern age is that we all are free (within reason) to think, do, and express ourselves as we wish.

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 18.43.53


For instance, when I wore this outfit the other weekend to a local theatre production, I wasn’t really dressed up as much as I would have liked to have been, but I would definitely say I was one of the more dressed up people attending the show.



Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 18.44.38


Alternatively, when I wear an outfit like this to go to work, or to run errands all I’m doing is picking an appropriate outfit from my wardrobe that I feel like wearing – just like anyone else, the difference being that my wardrobe is made up mostly of dresses and skirts – because that’s what I enjoy wearing.



But back to the question, which I believe is more in-depth than it first seems.

Do I always dress pin up?  No, I don’t – when I’m poorly, I sit in my pyjamas; when I’m doing yoga I wear my “gym gear” (though I usually have my red lips & eyeliner too); there are some times when it’s prudent for me to wear jeans, trainers, and a hoodie so that’s what I wear.  Not dressing “pin up” doesn’t make me ‘not a pin up’.

So, am I always a pin up?  Yes, because to me pin up is more than just clothes, and it’s more than making sure you have all the latest “must have” items, and it even goes beyond the eyeliner & lipstick; it’s a mind set, a way of being, a way of being yourself, of interacting with others – and that never depends on the clothes you wear, your make up, or how you do your hair.  That’s inside, which is what really matters – whether you’re pin up, goth, rockabilly, a townie, something else, or somewhere in between any of them.

To me, being pin up means being kind and courteous, while not being afraid to stand up for myself or others when needs be; it also means being as glamorous as I can and feel like being, while not thinking less or badly of others for being different to me.


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