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Why So Much Pinup Girl Clothing, Taylor?

One of the questions I get asked a lot, is why I have a preference for buying my clothes from Pinup Girl Clothing (PUG), when there are many other reproduction brands available.  Many questions are also accompanied but suggestions, often that I’m “loaded” (I wish!), or that I’m a “brand snob” (whatever one of those is!), among others.

Now, of course, Pinup Girl clothing isn’t a cheap brand, but I’m past the point of buying an outfit just for a night out, or buying cheap clothes to wear a few times and then throw out – I consider now that I’d like many items in my wardrobe to last me not just for the next few weeks or months, but for years to come; primarily so that in the future I don’t need to buy clothes every single month, but can add, or replace, pieces and outfits as my need dictates – and, more importantly, I can put my money towards more important things,

Some gals will counter that comment by saying that there are other reproduction brands that are just as good quality – if not perhaps even better – that PUG; and they’re totally right; but that brings me on to the main reason why I love PUG, and stick to their clothes more than any others: my body size & shape.

As I’ve mentioned before I’m not a big gal – neither in height nor dress size so part of the issue with a number of other brands is that their clothes are simply just too big for me, especially some of the lower-to-middle price-point brands that use plain cotton for most of their pieces and make a limited range of sizes: but the bigger part of the problem is that I’m just about a classic hourglass shape: I have a well-defined waist and my bust & hips measure about the same (my hips are about 1.5″ smaller than my bust), and that certainly seems to be becoming a “rare” body shape – if you’d like some more detail on different body shapes, this link is pretty informative, and there’s even a body shape calculator to help you pick your shape.

My ‘vital statistics’ are 34-24-32.5, so looking at the size chart for a mid-price-point dress – as on the right here – we can see that while the bust will fit me just fine, the waist would be too big, and the hips would be huge – perhaps not much of a problem if it was a swing-style dress, but this was a wiggle dress I was looking at, although on me it may well be a swing dress!

This dress, and others from this company, and very much designed for what is commonly called a “pear-shaped” body – because the hip measurement is larger than the bust measurement.

Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 18.52.36

This is also true of another high-end brand, which produces a lot of clothes I’d like to own – as you can see from the above, my waist firmly falls in the smallest size, with my bust in the next size up, and my hips too small for this size chart!  I have had a couple of pieces from this retailer, and while my swing skirt is a good fit (because the hip measurement doesn’t really matter), the cigarette-style trousers needed taken in a lot both in the hips and then correspondingly in the crotch, which is fine for the odd item but no good for filling my wardrobe with!

Now, take a look at both of these size charts: Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 19.01.30 Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 19.02.57

It’s obvious that the bottom size chart is from PUG (it’s from the Jayne dress, which fits me like a glove), but I’ve bought clothes from both of these companies, and in fact the top size chart is from the one place besides Pinup Girl Clothing I’ve successfully bought trousers in the last few years.

Both of these companies cater more for hourglass-shaped bodies better than most I’ve encountered so far, and while I agree that all body shapes and sizes should be catered for, I also fully believe in spending my money in in the most efficient manner, which – for me – is on clothes that I can wear right out of the bag (or envelope, in my case), because there’s little worse than having to alter most – if not all – of your new clothes before you can wear them and feel good.

So yes, while you’ll see most of my wardrobe are PUG items, it’s simply because it’s a quality I want to pay for, and the fit that I expect for me when I’m investing in my wardrobe.


7 thoughts on “Why So Much Pinup Girl Clothing, Taylor?

  1. I have the same problem! I am 34, 24, 35 and I rarely find clothes that are small enough for my waist but big enough for my bust and hips! A lot of brands don’t carry xs, and I am usually swimming in their clothes. Can I ask you a question about PUG tops since we have similar proportions? What size do you order in the vamp tops or the Heidi dresses since the bust is 32.5 and the waist is 24-25? Thank you!


    1. Hi Cheri,

      I’ve always found PUG items to be true to their size chart, so in Vamp tops I order a small, in the Zooey tops I order an extra small, and my Heidi dresses are also extra smalls. As far as the tops go, the only top that’s “odd” for my proportions is the Vamp (I should get an XS for my waist and an S for my bust), but because I wear it tucked in to my trousers or skirt – and usually belted – it’s not really a problem, though you’ll probably be an XS in that as well as the others.

      As an aside, and if it helps – I have a Voodoo Vixen top, which I’ve actually just realised I should have ordered in an extra small, but I have a small and while I have been a little weirded out by the fit of it, but it’s not massively huge even though I’m at the smaller end of the bust scale, and below the waist scale.

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  2. I absolutely agree with you about the quality and the accuracy in their sizing information Taylor! An added bonus to all of that though has to be the amazing community of kind, supportive and intelligent people that by now feel more like family than just fellow fans of pinup-style outfits 🙂


  3. Do you take an extra small in the leopard Heidi? The material on that one and the solids look different than each other. I’m wondering about the stretch :/


    1. Hi Ana,

      my leopard Heidi is an extra small, but it’s an older PUG item – it has the black & white stripy tag and the care tag has a different fabric composition listed on it than my newer, blue Heidi. Looking at the listing for the current Leopard Heidi, the size chart says I couldn’t fit my bust in the extra small, by a good inch & a half; though I see some of the first reviewers seem to have “sized down”, so I’d also take a good, long look at the reviews – especially the ones where gals note their measurements & the size they purchased before I made a decision if I were going to buy a Leopard Heidi today 🙂


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