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Focus On: the ‘Gwendoline’ Merry Widow from What Katie Did

In the second part of my ‘shapewear series’, I discussed my What Katie Did (WKD) ‘Gwendoline’ merry widow; today I want to take a little better look at it; in part because – for me at least- it shows why you shouldn’t just stick to the numbers & letters you think you are (or should be!) when choosing clothes.

I was so excited when the preliminary images of the Gwendoline set were released, and I ordered it as soon as I was able to – at the beginning of September last year.  I ordered the merry widow, bra, suspender belt, and knickers; as I tend to do when I’m ordering anything that goes over or around my breasts, I ordered my two most likely sizes in the bra & merry widow, with the intention of returning the wrong sizes and then ordering the panty girdle.


When they arrived, I was excited to try everything on, and simply because it would be quicker, I tried on both sizes of the bra I ordered, and decided that the 32E was the size for me.  Next, it was the turn of the merry widows, I assumed that that 32E in that would also be the right size, but I tried the 32F first – just to be certain.

As I assumed, the cups of the 32F were too big, although otherwise it was a perfect fit.  “Not a problem!”, I thought – on to the 32E.






However, when I’d got that one fastened up, I found that the cups on it were smaller, but also too big.  I didn’t find the cups to be hugely too big, so after a little deliberation, I placed an order for the 32DD merry widow, and the 32D “just in case”.  As ever with WKD, the dispatch & delivery were very fast, and the two smaller merry widows were with me faster than you can say “Royal Mail First Class”.








Trying on the smaller merry widows, I was again surprised to find that the cups of these were also too big, although they were getting smaller, so with incredulity I placed an order for the 32C and 32B, hoping that one of these would be “the one” – as a B cup is the smallest this style comes in.






Once again, these merry widows were with me faster than a good deal of other parcels, and with a slight feeling of trepidation I went to try them on.  I was still surprised – and disappointed – that the 32C didn’t fit – the cups were still too big, although they were coming closer towards fitting as they should; so I held a little hope for the 32B.






When I tried the 32B, I did a happy dance – finally I’d found the Gwendoline merry widow to fit my shape; although by this time I had a merry widow in every cup size for the 32 back size!  As I was preparing my return for the merry widows that didn’t fit (I wanted to make (and pay for!) one return rather than many), I posted on Facebook that the What Katie Did team must be wondering what I’m up to, with one merry widow in every size from 32B to 32E.





I was lucky that this post caught the attention of Ashleeta, the manageress of the WKD boutique in Hollywood; she commented that the cups are set further apart than most other of their own styles (as well as others), and suggested that this might be the reason why I had to get such a smaller size than normal to get a good fit.  I assume, this is also – in part – related to the fact that my breasts aren’t all muscle and tissue, as I’ve briefly mentioned previously; so I have very little “natural” cleavage, add that to the wide-set cups, and it’s easy to see why I had to go down so far to find the right cup size in the ‘Gwendoline’ merry widow, when the bra acted as I expected it would.




What about you – have you tried the Gwendoline merry widow – or any other of the WKD merry widows – and had a similar experiece?  Or did you fid it to be true to size, or perhaps even that it runs smaller?  I’d love for you to share your experiences in the comments below!

NB: all images in the post are of me wearing the 32B Gwendoline merry widow.


8 thoughts on “Focus On: the ‘Gwendoline’ Merry Widow from What Katie Did

  1. I absolutely adore this set and I’m planning on rewarding myself with a couple of pieces when I’m back to my normal size after baby#2. They’re so gorgeous!


  2. Thank you so much! ❤ Ahhh you are a doll! It all makes sense now and you have made it easier for me to choose as the UK and Australia are a fair hike so I don't want too many returns. What an amazing fit! ❤


  3. You know my next What Katie Did purchase WAS going to be the whole Maitresse set in white BUT you’ve done an absolute fantastic job in selling me on the Gwendoline. I think I might just pick one up and soon 🙂

    Also *whistling sound* you look fantastic 😉


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