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Living in the 50’s, Slightly Revisited

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot on a couple of subjects, what I’ve been thinking has lead to me wanting to include an addendum on my ‘Living in the 50’s‘ blog post.  I still hold fast to the fact that I wouldn’t want to return to a 1950’s-style life with regards to the opinions & attitudes most usually held on the subject of women.

However, that’s not to say that every thing, every opinion, from that era is bad, or negative; I, for one, think that we could all benefit from a little bit of ‘the olden days’ when it comes to things such as manners and respect.

Sometimes, I have a little daydream about my perfect world and while it starts off super-cute with all the women wearing gloves and hats with the men in suits, what really remains with me is the way that people treat each other: with respect, kindness, and fairness.

I’m often saddened by the way I see some people behaving towards others, and it seems so many behaviours not only are negatively affected but also are hugely increased by what is commonly known as “the holiday season”; of course, we all want things – and there’s nothing wrong with that – but the greed that is often propagated at this time of year can be taken to extremes by some, often with some sort of threat (empty or otherwise!) should said item not be under the tree on this supposedly ‘magical day’.

To me, being kind to people is something that we should always try to do – as long as it doesn’t seriously disadvantage ourselves; respecting others is something that we should be able to do without even thinking about, the same goes for being fair to others.  So as we progress closer to what really should be a wonderful day or days full of eating lovely food and being surrounded by the people we love, just remember: there’s no need to go crazy, be you – be kind.


2 thoughts on “Living in the 50’s, Slightly Revisited

    1. I see people around me being rude, and I just don’t understand why they are – especially at this time of year! I hope you’ve not had it too rough so far at work, and that the rest of the month continues in a polite & mannerly fashion for you 🙂


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