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Wishlist Wednesday #11 – The Christmas Edition: Clothes & Loungewear

We gals know that our wishlists can often stretch to epic proportions, and they’re often as fluid as a fast-flowing river, but there are some special items that will always be on our wishlist that we can never quite justify buying ourselves – gift giving occasions can be the perfect time to bring these items up, if we feel brave enough…remember: a pin up can dream!

One of the first things on my ‘things I can’t justify but would love to find under my tree’ list is the Gilda gown from Pinup Girl Clothing, at USD$190 (currently about £120) it’s definitely on the pricy side – not to mention I have absolutely nowhere I to wear it (unless doing the chores count!), but I’d still love to own one!

Burgundy red or olive green would be my colour choices, but there’s a black gown too; and if any occasion ever arises where I need a cocktail dress I’ll definitely be opting for the Gilda dress (oh, who am I kidding?  We all know I’d choose the gown just because I can!).



Admittedly there’s only one left – and it’s in my size – but the price tag on the Elle robe from Kiss Me Deadly means that I’ve been loathe to splurge on it ever since I first laid my eyes on it primarily because I’d mostly just sit around the house in it.

I adore the colour, not to mention the fact that it’s got short sleeves – long sleeves can be the most annoying thing when you don’t want them, and I generally don’t want them when I’m trying to relax!  I’d also love to swoosh about in this robe – I know it would make even the dullest, wettest, windiest January morning much more bearable!


Sticking with Kiss Me Deadly, there are two more items I’ve been lusting after for what seems like a long, long time…the Star Top (£36) and Lingerie Skirt (£44).

I had to get rid of all but one item from my small corset collection but I’d love to have the Star Top to wear under it – or under any future corset I might own; I bet it’d also look especially stunning worn over a cone or bullet bra too.



The Lingerie Skirt looks like it would be the perfect accompaniment to the Star Top, and if I wanted to show myself off a little less I bet a brightly coloured slip would look amazing under it!  With stretch-knit front & back panels, sheer side panels, and a fishtail hem it’s not only super-sultry it’s a super cute style too!

I also think both the top & skirt could be fun to play with in photoshoots.


And finally, for the ultimate in retro cuteness, take a look at the Glamour Bunny ‘Fifi’ retro nightie (£70) and retro nightgown (£74).







They both come in pink (shown), red, and black, though my personal favourite is the pink – it’s cute enough for a girlie sleepover, but still sassy enough for a night at home with your someone special.




What about you – what’s on your wishlist that you just can’t quite justify?  Are you dropping hints or, like me, do you hint for things that are seen as little more practical?


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