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Wishlist Wednesday #10 – The Christmas Edition: Hair

As a pin up, the idea of any sort of ‘wishlist’ isn’t a foreign one – with Pinup Girl Clothing, B.A.I.T Footwear, Trashy Diva, and Miss L Fire, to name just a few – the issue is often where to start on our wishlist!  As Christmas approaches for many of us, we may be asked by friends & family to produce a ‘Christmas list’ of things we’d like to have nestled under our trees on the big morning.

Much as I’d like to ask for everything from PUG, with full matching Miss L Fire & Lux de Ville shoes & handbags, I tend to centre my Christmas list round things I usually put off buying for myself, for one reason or another, so today I’m going to look at something I’d like to spend some more time on: my hair.  Growing up, hair was never a big thing in my house – I had the most and longest hair, and the popularity of straighteners when I was a teenager kept that as the status quo apart from a brief foray in to pixie cuts; as a result I feel like I’ve got a lot of catching up to do so I can learn to get the hair I’d like to have.

One of the things I do struggle with is tangles in my hair – I have really fine hair and especially if I’m a little late on getting it cut it knots over the smallest thing.  I love my Tangle Teezer, and have a couple of them dotted around my house but it’d be so handy to have  one of their ‘Aqua Splash‘ (£12.99) brushes living in my shower too, my colour choice would be ‘pink shrimp’, but there’s also ‘blue lagoon’ and ‘black pearl’ to choose from.

Sticking with brushes for a moment longer, I’ve started using bristle brushes in the past few months, and the transformation in my hair has been pretty amazing – it’s got a little bit of volume to it, it’s shinier, straighter, easier to manage…in short, it’s love!  The one brush I’d like to add to my collection PDQ is a bristle back-combing brush (£10.35), like the one below from Kent Brushes.


Now I want to get to the crux of the matter – curls!  Most vintage hairstyles start with curls, which is fine if you can pincurl your hair, or are well-practiced at using your Sculpture Pin Curler, but I think I need a little bit more help – not to mention that if my hair ‘goes wrong’ before I leave for work, I don’t have much time to fix it!  So for that reason (and because I can’t use a regular hair curling tong to save my life!) I’d really like some hot rollers, and/or hot sticks – a local salon supplies store has a BaByliss set in stock at the moment similar to the set below.

A set of soft velcro rollers might also be useful for those organised days when I have time to set my hair before bed, and/or a set of Lauren Rennels Rockin’ Rollers (£23.74) might also be useful – they come with a 40-page instructional booklet, and can apparently also be used as a hair filler – something I can’t live without at times!


One other thing I’d also like to try is Curlformers – I’ve gone so far as to enquire on the Curlformers website about which would be best to use to create the styles I like, and have been recommended to try the Spiral Curlformers

One final thing on my ‘hair’ wishlist which I’ve been looking at for a little while is a hood dryer.  I get kinda paranoid about whether my hair’s dry & my curls have taken, so having a hood dryer would help me to ensure that I can uncurl my set, the problem is that there’s so many – some that only fir on the hair dryer they come with, some that have elastic to go around your chin, some that have a drawstring, some that seem to go right over & around your head…there’s just too much choice!

What about you, have you started thinking about your Christmas list, or have you been preparing it for months?  Do you have any hair tools I’ve not mentioned that you can’t live without and think I need?  I’d love for you to share with me in the comments below!

Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase after clicking on one of these links, I may receive a small commission, which helps to run my blog. I link only to items I absolutely love, from companies I wholeheartedly support. Thank you for supporting A Little Pin Up Every Day!


2 thoughts on “Wishlist Wednesday #10 – The Christmas Edition: Hair

  1. Baybliss rollers please and oh my goodness, those rockin rollers! Thats better than rags! That’s what I was doing and sleeping with wet hair until I got my gorgeous pinup girl doona. Now I’m paranoid about going near it with wet hair otherwise it will turn everything red! Oh I think I need the hooded dryer too. I think I will just copy and paste your Christmas wish list! Thanks for the ideas doll! You’re the best!


    1. I must confess I did treat myself to the Babyliss rollers shortly after I posted this – they were less than half price & I couldn’t say no! But I’m still hoping Mr LPU might get me the Rockin’ Rollers 😉

      When I’m sleeping with wet hair (or with dye on), I wrap an old towel around my pillows – it’s never failed me yet 🙂


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