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Wishlist Wednesday #9

With my post about office parties earlier in the week, and Mr LPU asking me about Christmas lists it’s got me to thinking more about bank-balance appropriate as well as work-party-appropriate options to pair with the Chic Star skirt, so remembering that there’s a discount code at the end of Monday’s post I went back to Kate’s Clothing and had a look around.



First up, I looked at the Necessary Evil Daya Off Shoulder Bow Shirt (£22.49), it’s plan black, so would essentially turn the outfit into a ‘little black dress’, and depending on your style you could either accessorise all-out-Christmassy with tinsel and festive earrings & a statement necklace, or keep it a little bit more sedate with plain silver or gold accessories (my shoes & belt from Monday’s post, for instance, would work towards making this a real party outfit).






My second choice is the Necessary Evil Rohini Cherry Bomb Blouse (£17.99) ,being a ‘cherry print’ it’s rather on the pin up side of style, but if you look closer you’ll see that all is not as it seems as the cherries are actually grenades – it does sound a little odd, but having seen this print “in the flesh” I can attest that it a rather eye-catching print, and if it wasn’t for the fact the dress I saw it on was four sizes too big for me I would have snapped it up!

The red and green of the print, of course, are perfect for accessorising during the festive period, whether you choose bell earrings, a wreath necklace, or a red nose!



I’ve always been pretty lucky in that my family don’t “do” the normal traditions of giving dodgy knitwear at Christmas, but if they did I’d definitely be pointing them in the direction of the Hell Bunny Gothic Macabre Cardigan (£24.99) – it’s got that almost traditional patterning over the chest, but look a little closer and you’ll notice skulls, bats, bones, and crosses – definitely more my style!  Or if I couldn’t wait to see if Santa will bring me it, it’d make a nice cover up for moving from pup-to-pub (or just when it cools down) for the office party.




For my last item, I chose a real show-stopper: the Spin Doctor Gothic Luna Corset Top (£34.99), fastening with a zip down the back, the front of the top has a faux-catch fastening with a steampunk-print chiffon-style “top” under a twill-like underbust corset/waspie.  It’s not particularly Christmassy, and wouldn’t need much in the way of accessories, but it’s a very pretty top, and would certainly put the ‘party’ into any party outfit.

Disclaimer: Kate’s Clothing have not asked me to share their products with you, I’ve written this wishlist simply for the fun of sharing new items with you.  All opinions expressed are mine and mine only.


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