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Wishlist Wednesday #8

One of the brands I follow in internet-land is Heart of Haute (HoH).  They’re a cute, well-priced brand but so far I’ve only ever bought HoH through Pin Up Girl Clothing; I have  Marilyn top in red and a Trixie top in black (with a red one on the way!).

I was previously under the impression that HoH didn’t ship internationally, and I’ve not been able to find a UK-based retailer that carries much from HoH; however, I was wrong about the international shipping and so I’ve been eyeing up a few pieces on their website!


Starting off with some separates (because I always feel like it’s hard to find things to go with other things in my wardrobe, so first up is the pencil skirt in blue ($56).  Pencil skirts are so versatile – they can be worn for work or for play, and as someone who’s trying to keep black out of her wardrobe, it’s nice to see this wardrobe staple in a variety of colours.




Staying with skirts, how adorable is this Chantelle in berry ($54)?  Although it’s patterned, the pink/berry shade of the fabric shows up really well, and I feel like this is something I might even be tempted to wear with a patterned top (a la Amelia of Junebugs and Georgia Peaches).  I’ve not tried patterns-on-patterns before, but I think a log of what I have isn’t the sort of pattern that would go with another pattern – so far a lot of them have been pretty bold, and I think a more delicate pattern (like in this skirt) would go better with a bolder pattern than another bold pattern.



One colour that’s seriously missing from my wardrobe is green, but that’s not the only reason that the Ella top in green chemistry ($52) caught my eye – sleeveless tops are a favourite of mine because my office can get super warm, so it would be a versatile year-round option for work worn with a cardigan or bolero, plus the little atom/atomic motifs add both a modern and retro twist to the top, it’s not something that’s seen much in modern fashion, but imagine how new and exciting they must have seemed at the dawn of the atomic age.


My next three picks are dresses – I love a good dress, it takes less time to decide on accessorising options,  and I feel like they take less time when you’re getting dressed too so they’re equally great for when you’re in a rush or when you just want to get out and do things right now!


Teal is a favourite colour of mine (probably because it goes so well with purple), so I love the Stefanie dress in teal ($120) – the cowl neckline and tie belt add enough interest that I’d wear it with very few accessories, but not so much that you couldn’t go “all out” and wear it with a statement necklace, earrings, brooch, bracelets, and rings too.






If you like your dresses a little more lively, the Monique dress in odyssey blue ($90) might be more your style – with metallic thread used as part of the pattern it’s a really striking dress.  I’m sure that plenty of you would happily wear it with a statement necklace, but I think I’d keep my jewellery to a minimum and let the pattern on this dress really shine.



Last, but certainly not least, is the Velma dress in green ($108) – it’s a new style wiggle dress which has capped sleeves and a criss-cross detail at the neckline; it’s a wonderful deep shade of green (jade, maybe?) that means it would work equally well for a party dress, or just to be a ‘nice’ dress – this is something I definitely want to get my mitts on, and soon!





Which is your favourite HoH item?  Do you have any of my wishlist items?  Whats’s on your wishlist?  Tell me in the comments below!


Disclaimer: Heart of Haute have not asked me to share their products with you, I’ve written this wishlist simply for the fun of sharing new items with you.  All opinions expressed are mine and mine only.


6 thoughts on “Wishlist Wednesday #8

  1. I am a big HoH (or Heartbreaker as they still are to me) fan. In fact I think I prefer them to PUG as I find they tend to be more lowcut than HoH. Everything is machine washable and comes out like new and requires very little ironing.Two downsides though. I find them a bit short but have recently got custom orders which are longer and their postage is quite expensive internationally unless you spend $350(?) when it is free. I love the Jolene dress and the Aline skirts both of which I have made with another 2 inches in length.


    1. So you’re not a “shorty” like I am then Andrea? 😉 I totally forgot I’d ordered a HoH skirt from PUG, but the Vogue skirt was in my parcel today, it’s really lovely but I’m only 5’3″ so it’s mid-calf length, rather than just below my knees :-/


    1. I ❤ the Peacock Royale fabric! The only reason it & the darker one (Midnight Peacock?) didn't make it into my post is because I feel like I've seen them everywhere, but they're definitely on my wishlist!


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