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Creating Your Own Style

Within the vintage & retro community, there are a small number of really good reproduction brands, but it often seems that few of them cater to all budgets so it can be difficult to truly make an outfit your own (and I often feel I fall in to this category), so I thought I’d share a few little pointers that I try to use in my daily life.

Let’s start with what will be the easiest for most  gals: make up.  Whether you’re after a 1940s look, a classic pin up style, or perhaps even a 1960s/1970s look, adding a little pop of colour with make up is always fun!  I add my own touch to the signature pin up eyeliner by choosing purple, or another colour, over black a lot of the time.  Admittedly, it’s not something many people will notice, but on the days when I have time to add some eyeshadow, and again if I’m choosing a non-black eyeliner, I might go “totally wild” with my eyeshadow or I’ll add some matching or contrasting colours in to the palette I use.

If you’re not a big make up wearer, or want to add a little more personalisation to your outfit, another great way to do so is through the use of accessories.  I’ve just counted and I have 17 pairs of reproduction lucite earrings, in a selection of colours and styles; I also have 25 brooches, as well as a handful of necklaces and a couple of bracelets – all of these help me to add a little something ‘different’ to each outfit, whether I want to be a little ‘crazy’ and add a novelty edge (#NoveltyBroochFriday, anyone?) or whether I need to be a little more ‘sensible’ in my ensemble…I can still let the world know I”m me.

A selection of earrings from my favourite Etsy shop - Poison of Choice
A selection of earrings from my favourite Etsy shop – Poison of Choice (click to visit the shop!)


Of course, as well as jewellery, there are other options – like scarves, as I’m wearing in the photo on the left – that will add a little ‘something’ to an outfit; and in the cooler months cardigans and jumpers can be added; some strappy dresses and summer tops can also look really cute with a blouse underneath them for added warmth too.



One of the wonderful things us gals (and guys!) have the advantage of is being able to pick from a rich fashion history to create a wonderful mix-and-match style all of our own!  Taking inspiration from the favourite parts of our past decades means we’ll pick items – clothes, accessories, jewellery – that we love, and that make us feel good.  Whether we decide that with our jeans & heels we’re going to have victory rolls or a beehive; or we have a ‘Farah Fawcett flick’ with our circle-skirt-and-jumper combo, there’s never any need to look like we’ve got anything but our own style!

I’d love for you to share the way you add your own little touches to your outfits in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “Creating Your Own Style

  1. These are some great ideas! I never know how to exactly describe my style, well it is MY STYLE! Yesterday a woman came up to me while I was having my picture and told me how she loved my pinup/rockabilly look. I guess that if I had to put a term to what is MY STYLE I would call it Retro Glamour. I guess because I identify a little more with those strong, beautiful and glamourous women of the past. maybe it is more movie star, girl singer than burlesque beauty. I love what you have done with your style. It is so YOU! And I must admit I love my style. It is so ME! Let us keep on being who we are!


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