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After my recent posts about autumn dressing, hair dye, and wigs, I felt I absolutely had to share one of my favourite subjects: hats!

I know some gals can be a little iffy about hats, but I love them and have a slowly growing collection of both vintage and modern hats.  In fact, my biggest problem is trying to figure out which hat to hair with which hairstyle – I’m sure the solution is to buy more hats, but in the mean time I thought I’d share my little collection with you all.

The first hat I bought as an adult was actually a modern hat from Debenhams, it is still available for sale (and on sale too!); this will be the second winter that mine sees.  As I’m a particularly petite gal I find this to be sizeable enough for me to wear in a multitude of ways – from straight hair to an updo, the only thing it struggles with is when I want to conceal all of my hair in my hat and twist it into a basic chignon, depending on your point of view I either don’t have quite enough hair or the hat is just a touch on the large side for that to work.


Never fear though, recently I was very lucky in finding the perfect hat to fill this gap – my Mitzi Lorenz is a much deeper, closer style of hat, though perhaps it would be more correctly termed a turban.  It’s a wonderfully autumnal hat, with shades of brown, felt leaves, and a net/chiffon detailing.  As it’s so close-fitting, it holds my hair inside it wonderfully – as I found when I recently wore it for the first time in a torrential downpour, it also fits well over an updo as I found when I happened across this in an antiques market, though if you’re a hair flower kind of gal you’ll need to keep that safe in your handbag until you’re indoors again


Not one to miss an opportunity, I also have a faux-leopard hat that is a perfect fit over my loose hair, but is also a great fit over an unsecured chignon and as it doesn’t cover my entire head, it’s not too warm to keep on in a shop or generally to wear on a warmer day.  Sadly, though, the only label inside this says that it’s 100% acrylic, and Made in Britain.  Both, of course, are lovely to see – but it would be nice to know who originally produced


Lastly, of course – I can’t forget my workhorse, it’s also my favourite hat for a number of reasons, but mostly because it is a gorgeous purple colour!  It’s also wonderfully soft and while it’s big enough to easily accommodate an updo (with a filler), it also doesn’t look overlarge when my hair’s down, nor does it struggle to contain my hair if needs be.  Of course, I’m telling you about my trusty beret!


One thing I’ve realised lately, though, is that I need to get some ‘heads’ on which to store my hats, or a hat box or two to keep them in!

What about you, are you a hat fiend like me, or are you a hat virgin?  If you’re a hat fiend, I’d love for you to share your favourite hat with me in the comments below…


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