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Wishlist Wednesday #6

This week’s blog posts are brought to you by: hair!  After Monday’s post reviewing Manic Panic hair dye, I wanted to look at wigs today.

Now, I know wigs aren’t for everyone, but after wearing my first wig as part of my Halloween costume on Friday , I realised that as well as rather warm and a little bit weird, they’re also pretty cool – and if you can’t or don’t want to dye your hair, they give you a similar kind of versatility with none of the long lasting effects!

I got my wig from Black Candy Alternative Fashion, and as much as I knew I needed a blonde wig, there were so many other pretty, fun wigs – and after receiving a really speedy service from them, I’d be only too happy to take my custom back to them again, but what to buy this time?

Well, for starters this long red wig (£21) is amazing, such a beautiful colour; “but Taylor”, you say, “you’ve just dyed your hair almost that exact colour, why do you want a red wig?”.  But just look how long it is!  If I were to wait for my hair to grow that long, I’d be here for the rest of time, plus I think I’d be so annoyed having my hair that long all the time, but if I could “cut it” back to normal whenever I pleased, that would make life so much easier!







For another striking colour, how about the shades of purple wig (£21)?  Purple is one of my favourite colours, it’s perfect – I love the fringe in it and I bet it would look even better with big some victory rolls pinned in the front!






For my last two picks, I want to tone it down just a little bit, firstly with the long pink curly wig (£21), it’s a perfect pastel shade, and although perhaps a bit on the warm side, it would look lovely paired with a cute spring or summer outfit (not that I’m wishing for the end of winter already!)









And finally, I really love this pink/white wig (£21), I think it would be a super-versatile piece, with the splash of pink being fab for brightening up a dull winters day, or looking super stylish in summer too









Can you tell I’ve always wanted ‘princess hair’?  Haha  I’d love for you to share your wig experience, or wishlist, with me in the comments below!


Disclaimer: Black Candy Alternative Fashion have not asked me to share their products with you, I’ve written this wishlist simply for the fun of sharing new items with you.  All opinions expressed are mine and mine only.


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