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Wishlist Wednesday #5

Following on from Monday’s post, I want to look at coats for autumn & winter.  I won’t be the first to say that a girl can never have too many clothes, and I think at this time of year that’s certainly true for our coats – instead of having a full(-ish) and (kind of) varied wardrobe of clothes to show off our personalities.  With that in mind, here are some of my favourite winter coats that I’d love to add to my wardrobe.

Without a doubt, my absolute favourite just has to be Collectifs’ ‘Pearl‘ coat, although at £185 I think that the only way this will make it in to my house is if I’m super-super-duper-nice from now until christmas next year…maybe then Santa will think about whether I deserve it.  Seriously though, look at that faux-fur collar & trim, and the detailing around the waist…it is just dreamy!  And it comes in what I personally would class as  nice beige colour, rather than the dreary beige you often get in the high street.  It’s a truly beautiful coat, and would also go perfectly with everything you could ever own!

The ‘Rachel‘ coat in charcoal houndstooth is slightly more expensive than ‘Pearl’, at £189.50, but is just as lovely and perhaps a little more practical – it still has a warm faux-fur collar & cuffs, but is a double-breasted coat with a swing skirt, and according to the Collectif website has a quilted lining – perfect for those winter outings, be it to go to work or to go shopping.

I think this would look great when worn with bright accessories – be they your handbag & shoes, or a hat of some sort & gloves – I really love to have statement pieces, especially when everything else is so dark & drab.

Sticking with Collectif, my last choice is currently on sale at £69.75 (regular price £139.50), so is a complete steal compared to ‘Pearl’ and ‘Rachel’, but it is equally gorgeous – the ‘Dietrich‘ swing trench in leopard print – styled just like a regular trench coat but with the extra sass that only leopard print can bring to an outfit, it comes with a belt to cinch in the waistline, and is fully lined so would be warm even on a windy day.

Moving on to everybody’s favourite ‘other’ winter coat brand, the ‘Shonna‘ from Hell Bunny (£94.99) is fully lined and has faux-fur collar & cuffs (is anybody else noticing a trend here!), has princess seams for shape, and fastens with two large buttons so is perfect for those days when you don’t want to battle eight buttons and/or an extra-long zip to stay warm.  The burgundy isn’t a dar colour either, so it would be a perfect way to add colour to a dreary day.

The teal ‘Mikaela‘ coat (£79.99) would also be perfect to add a pop of colour to the darker days, and although it’s a shorter coat, the addition of a hood will be welcomed by those who – like myself – have more rainy days than snowy days in winter, and the velvet cuffs and trim add more than a pinch of sophistication to this beautiful coat.

Last but certainly not least, is the ‘Sarah Jane‘ coat (£74.99) in red – again it’s a shorter length coat, but has all the best features – the hood is removable so is great for those days when you know it would otherwise get in the way; it has faux-fur in the hood, on the collar, cuffs, and hem as well as two faux-fur pom-poms, and it has lacing on the back to enable adjustment of fit at the waist.

So, those are my top picks for coats for autumn & winter, what about you – I’d love for you to share the winter coats & jackets you’re wishing for in the comments below!

Disclaimer: the companies mentioned in this post have not asked me to share their products with you I’ve written this wishlist simply for the fun of sharing new items with you.  All opinions expressed are mine and mine only.


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