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Wishlist Wednesday #4

Recently, I’ve realised I’m beginning to have a slight problem.  Well, two slight problems really…my boobs aren’t feeling quite as supported as I’d like in what I call my ‘everyday bras’.  Not a problem, you think…just replace them!  I know that bras should be rotated so as not to be worn day-after-day, and replaced frequently – but it doesn’t seem like long since I started building up my current collection, and it’s certainly less than the time they should be wearing out in, given the number of bras I currently have – especially given that they weren’t cheap to begin with!

I’ve decided this time to splurge a little as I replace each set – and I know I’ll get a proper life out of my replacements, even if it means replacing each set is a little slower than I’d like.  So, here’s what’ made it on to my bra-wardrobe-update-wishlist:


First up, I’ve had my eyes on the ‘Coco’ Cathedral Bra (£43.50) since it came out – I love the shape of the bra and the chocolate-coloured accent fabric, it would be perfect to secretly add a little bit of cheer to any darker outfit – not to mention the authentic – but not hugely pointy – shape.




In a similar vein, I also adore the ‘Valerie’ Cathedral Bra (£44.17), the red makes for a stunning contrast against the black, I adore the styling on the matching knickers & suspender belt – the way the red lattice detailing peeks through is just enough to be sexy, but not so much that it overpowers the bra or looks like they don’t belong together.  I suspect that this set might be going on my christmas list, I do hope Santa thinks I’ve been a good girl this year!




Next up I’ve been looking at plunge bras – the ‘Cabaret’ Satin Plunge Bra in beige (£32.91) from Secrets in Lace would be wonderful to wear under any number of blouses & tops, and being in a typically “nude” colour it wouldn’t be obvious under planer tops.





But for a pop of pattern & colour, I think the styling of the Bettie Leopard & Red Plunge Bra, also from Secrets in Lace, (£38.67) is just perfect – of course I love leopard print – the red accents on this set are just the perfect shade to set the colours of the print off.



What about you – what are your favourite lingerie brands, or which ones do you find yourself frequently wishing over?  I’d love for you to share with me in the comments below!

Disclaimer: the companies mention in this post have not asked me to share their products with you I’ve written this wishlist simply for the fun of sharing new items with you.  All opinions expressed are mine and mine only.


11 thoughts on “Wishlist Wednesday #4

  1. You already know how I feel about the Coco Cathedral bra and matching knickers & suspender belt, the rich colour, luxurious feel and elegant cut will make you feel like a 1940’s glamourous lingerie model in all of the best ways 😉

    The Bettie Leopard & Red Plunge Bra just looks absolutely fantastic too! That’s definitely on my wish list as well 😉

    Fantastic list 🙂


      1. Awww I’m so flattered that I helped sell you on the Coco set BUT trust me when I say that you are going to look absolutely amazing in it Taylor 😀 The bra adds a great profile to your bust (I’m a B cup now so that comes in handy) and the high waisted knickers & suspender belt are just brilliantly figure flattering on any & every set of hips. When you see yourself in it you are going to be so absolutely happy that you picked it up & unleashed the vintage glamour lingerie Godess from deep inside 😍 Also anyone who sees you in it will definitely agree 😉


  2. I WANT THEM ALL! Especially the Bettie leopard. The red will match my hair at the moment! What Katie Did and Secrets in Lace are my favourite. I really, really need the Secrets in Lace leopard bullet bra that is on their site. That’s gonna be my next one I think. I LOVE LEOPARD TOO!


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