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Review: Blaze On Fairy Lights

You may recall a couple of weeks ago, I shared with you my slowly expanding vintage furniture ‘collection’; if you want a reminder, or you missed that post click here to read it.  At the end of the post, I lamented the gap on the drinks cabinet/entertainment unit, which I was looking for a lamp or lights to fill.  I’d started looking a little while before I wrote that post, and hadn’t really found anything within budget and/or that would compliment the unit; so I was overjoyed when Kate from British brand Blaze On contacted me, and asked me if I’d like to review some of their fairy lights.

I took a look around their website, and was happy to read in their “about us” section that they work with over 20 family-run businesses, I also noted that their lights aren’t bright white, but have a “custom-toned, golden-hued light”; they also have a guide to ingredients; and an ethical policy, which explains that the 20 businesses they collaborate with are all home-run family businesses in Thailand, and that wherever possible everything purchased is organic, fair-trade, ethically sourced, and recycled at the end of its’ useful life.  Now that is a company after my own heart.

Looking at their fairy lights, two enchanted me the most: the orchids (which are available in six colours), and the tropical blooms (which are very similar to Plumeria/Frangipani, and are available in nine colours).  But which to choose…

They’re both pretty, very realistic looking, and both have floral scented fabric ‘petals’








After much deliberating, I opted for the tropical blooms, I thought that they’d give a nice little rockabilly look & feel wherever I chose to use them, and was very excited when they arrived shortly after, safely packed inside a protective cardboard box and wrapped in a wonderful orange coloured tissue paper, along with a cute little tea light, which I’m refusing to burn!


They look wonderful in a vase on our drinks cabinet, and fill up that gap perfectly, both in terms of size and functionality, but keep more than a touch of personality while doing it







Even without them being switched on, they add more than little  rockabilly feel to our sitting room, but the best bit just has to be when you switch them on.  The warm white light emitted by the LEDs is such a wonderful colour – in fact I find it to be quite reminiscent of the kinds of fairy lights that were on sale when I was growing up – much more cosy than the blinding-white lights in most stores today; and with an expected life span of up to 10,000 hours/10 years I’m going to be one happy pin up for a long time to come!

My personal favourite aspect about the light they emit is, even though it doesn’t look like they’re that bright (these photos were taken on an overcast afternoon), is that now the nights are drawing in, they emit more than enough light to ensure I can safely do my daily yoga practise; but it’s also not so much that they take away from Mr LPU & I watching a movie in the dark with some candles – in fact they perfectly add to the ambiance.

Another place I considered using them is on the mirror of my dresser, they’d need pinned or taped down if they were going to stay there permanently, but again they’d add some extra light (anyone who follows me on Instagram knows I’ve been complaining about the light in my dressing room recently!)


They also look adorable draped around our fireplace, and although it’s not practical (the fire vents most of it’s warmth out of the top, with some coming from the sides too) – it’s certainly something to think about adding a little bit more personalisation to our home in the summertime






All in all, I love my Blaze On lights, they’re really helping us to add another little stamp on our rented home, they’re magical, but in the case of the tropical blooms they also have a rockabilly feel; they’re also practical in that they add light to an already lit room, or add ambiance to any movie night; and Blaze On have so many lights to choose from – whether you’re a retro-loving gal looking for something to add a touch of personalisation, or you’re a parent looking to add something special to your kids’ bedroom (the fairies would be just darling in a small childs’ room), you’re sure to find something to add a little bit of light & magic to your home too – and with the code ‘fairy’ you can have £2 towards your purchase.

The technical bit: there are 20 LEDs on the five metre-long tropical bloom string of lights (this set is priced at a very reasonable £22.90, the price of other styles of light varies), they don’t heat up and there’ll never be any bulbs to change; they’re CE approved and meet EU safety standards, as well as the European Low Voltage Directive; and they come with a one year electronic guarantee and UK technical support.

What about you, I’d love for you to share how you add special little touches to your home in the comments below…

Disclaimer: I was contacted by Blaze On and asked if I would like to review their Tropical Blooms, besides receiving and keeping the fairy lights I have not and will not get any further compensation from Blaze On, monetary or otherwise.  Regardless of this, all opinions expressed are mine and mine only.


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