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Model for a Day at Frankii & Gerry’s Retro Studio

It was Mr LPU’s birthday yesterday; we’ve been together for a few years now, and we sometimes struggle to find something special and original for the various gifting occasions throughout the year.  Often, we go with the “kitschy, cute, and ‘us'” type of presents, but I like to try and find something special and original, so this year, I really put my thinking cap on, and came up with something that I think is both wonderful and amazing…I won’t bore you with the story of why, but I will share with you what I did.

I was browsing around Facebook one evening, and came across a page for Frankii & Gerry’s Retro Studio, it seemed too good to be true – a pinup photographer close enough to home that I could drive to…I’m sure you all can see the lightbulb that shone above my head – I wanted to ‘play’ at being a model.

I was already well aware of Glamour Bunny clothing, as it’s one of the brands that I “oooh” and “aaah” over on a regular basis, so I took a quick look at the Facebook page of photographer, burlesque artist, & model Frankii Wilde, and her website – I loved her style, and quickly headed over to the Retro Studio website.  I immediately fell in love with the sets and props, and after a look at their blog, I decided that Mr LPU’s present was to be photos from a makeover & photoshoot with Frankii.

I waited…impatiently…for pay day to roll around so I could pay my deposit and organise my shoot, I’ll admit at this point that I was a little worried about the timescale, but Frankii wonderfully managed to fit me in on a Saturday afternoon/evening which would give just enough time to get the photos edited and back to me; then there was a little bit more waiting for the big day to roll around…

Excited, nervous, worried, and a little bit giddy I packed a suitcase with some outfits, shoes, and jewellery after Mr LPU left for work, put it in my car and set my trusty sat-nav to direct me to Gateshead.  I arrived at the studio more than a little bit early, so went to stretch my legs and have a cup of tea at a nearby coffee shop I’d seen on my way there.

After my rest stop, I returned to the studio at a much more sensible time, and met Frankii, along with Amber of Von Tassel Hair, Kitty from Kitty Kerry Make-up Artistry, and Gerry (and, most importantly of all – Butterz the dog <3).  We talked a little, and discussed how this was a surprise for Mr LPU (luckily, he wouldn’t be home until long after I had gone to bed), we looked at the clothes I’d brought and chose two outfits, then Frankii put on some Absolute Radio 60s, and Kitty and Amber went to work.

All of the ladies were absolutely lovely, we had a good natter while I was having my hair and make-up ‘done’, and although I’ve only recently learned to enjoy being in front of the camera (which is a story for another time), Frankii really put me at ease, as well as giving me all sorts of helpful tips and pointers – and politely pointing out I’m a bit of a natural “poser” – in the best way possible, of course!

I fell right in love with the 50’s diner-inspired kitchen – it was perfect and everything I often wish my real kitchen could be; I also loved the little touches at the rockabilly bar – the different styles of glasses, the bottles, the picture of Elvis, the nick-nacks on the wall unit; I loved the other two sets as well, and did I forget to mention the ‘beauty room’ – complete with vintage framed adverts, a wonderfully pink chair, a vintage hood dryer, and one of those mirrors with the lights that every little girl wants – I wanted to take that home with me to get ready in every day.  The entrance/office space wasn’t left out either, it was also furnished with mid-century furniture…the whole studio was just wonderful all the way through and all that’s left to say is that I thoroughly enjoyed my whole experience, and only barely managed to stop myself from taking & sharing a million and six selfies – I had to keep reminding myself why I was there, and that it was a big secret!  It’s an experience I’d definitely recommend to any gal, but especially at Frankii & Gerry’s, where you can have the full experience with hair, make-up, clothing, and sets with a wonderful, talented, and friendly – not to mention beautiful – team of ladies.  I loved my look, I love my photos, and I’ll definitely be going back!

Oh…and about those selfies…I may have shared one or two with my best friend, and told her I think I’d quite enjoy being a model when I ‘grow up” 😉

What about you, do you do, or have you considered doing, some modelling – either for fun or professionally?  I’d love for you to share your experiences with me below!


4 thoughts on “Model for a Day at Frankii & Gerry’s Retro Studio

  1. Wow! You look stunning! I am in love with the set too! That pink laminex table! *SQUEEEEEE* I am in love! I am wanting to give my studio kitchen a retro facelift so your blog post has totally inspired me! Also, I must say that your hair, makeup and outfits are amazing in these beautiful photographs that you have shared with us! Thanks beautiful lady! xo


    1. Thank you Mallory 🙂 Isn’t that kitchen fabulous? I think it’s going to the inspiration when I have a kitchen of my own to decorate.

      I can totally take the compliment for my outfits – they were my own choosing; but I can’t take credit for my hair & make up, they’re down to Amber & Kitty, who were amazing


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