Wishlist Wednesday

Wishlist Wednesday #2

So this week started off very miserably, with horrible, horrible rain and biting wind.  This means I’ve been spending a lot of time day-dreaming about clothes…after all, what better way to cheer myself up than planning what dresses I would like to buy?

I’ve seen on Facebook that Lindy Bop have  been bringing out a number of new styles and colouways recently, so I decided to take a stroll down Lindy Bop Main Street and share some of my current favourites.

We start off with a dress in one of my favourite colours, the ‘Grace‘ dress (£29.99) in a gorgeous shade of purple, I love the bow on the hip, and think it would look perfect with a brooch on the right side of the upper bodice – it would be a perfect party dress, but would also make a sweet day dress when worn with flats.  It’s also dark enough to be quite wintery/christmassy, but not so dark that it would look out of place during the rest of the year.


And now for something completely different, the ‘Ophelia‘ dress (£34.99) in what Lindy Bop themselves call a “vivaciously pretty print”.  I must admit I love the look of the Ophelia dresses, but I wanted to see a little more choice before I made a decision, and I think the decision has been made!  I adore this print, it’s so bright and happy, and the colour of the bust panel is just perfect – both as a match for the print and just a generally lovely colour…come pay day, I think the dress will definitely find its’ way into my wardrobe.


The ‘Audrey‘ dress (£29.99) on the other hand, has held far too much potential with all the many choices, but now I’ve found a colourway I can really stick to with this beautiful cotton candy pink shade – this is definitely a dress to turn heads in, be it at a cocktail party or shopping on the high street – this is another dress that I think will have to make its’ way into my wardrobe before too long.



The last of the Lindy Bop swing dresses I’m currently lusting over is another ‘Ophelia‘ dress (£34.99), this time accented by blue tits, chaffinches, and woodpeckers on a backdrop of leaves – a perfect colour and a perfect print for autumn – imagine how wonderful it would be to see a little of this dress peaking out from a dark winter coat on a dreary day – it would be enough to put a smile on almost anyone’s face!


I’ve realised recently just how lacking in pencil skirts and wiggle dresses my wardrobe is, and the ‘Wynona‘ dress (£29.99) is one example of a dress that solves two problems at once – it’s a wiggle dress, and is a beautiful turquoise colour that would be sure to banish the winter blues.  With cute little cap sleeves, a mock-blouse insert, and a matching belt, it’s the perfect dress for the office, a party, or for any other occasion.


Last but not least, is the oh-so-cheerful ‘Cecelia‘ dress (currently on sale at £22.99, reduced from £29.99), with the ruched bustline and the contrast of the white buttons, piping, and kickpleat at the knee, what’s not to love?  This would be a beautiful dress to wear in summer, and would be a great mid-winter blues-buster too




What about you?  I’d love you to share what you’ve put on your wishlists with me in the comments below



Disclaimer: Lindy Bop have not asked me to write this review, I have written this wishlist simply for the fun of sharing new items with you.  All opinions expressed are mine and mine only.


8 thoughts on “Wishlist Wednesday #2

        1. I haven’t, though I have heard of them, but when I checked their size chart I seem to recall that it wasn’t much of a match for my body shape – they would either fit my bust and be huge on my waist, or fit my waist and be tiny on my bust 😦


          1. I don’t really have a problem with them. I’m a 14 bust, 12 waist and a 14-16 bum, the size 14 always fits. Their sales are always good so maybe try one when its on. I always get at least one dress for less than £25 😜


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