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Wishlist Wednesday #1

I’ve decided to change up my posting routine a bit, and from this week will start sharing with you all some of the wonderful things I find online, and lust after.  My “wish list” is in seemingly perpetual flux, with things I need decided by the season, and changed by the un-cooperative weather in the north of England, and tempered by things I want, or have decided I can’t go without.

I thought that I would take advantage of today being the first day in October, and get back to my gothic roots a little bit, so I’d like to introduce you all to Kate’s Clothing: “the most sensational website for gothic, steampunk, and alternative clothing!”.  They offer alternative clothing, and my, what a range they have!  I’ve really struggled not to share most of the items on their website, but I wanted to keep the post readable & relevant, so below you’ll find some of my favourite offerings from their website.

The first item I want to share with you is the Necessary Evil Shala Keyhole Top (£19.99); this top is super cute, but the keyhole brings a slightly sultry edge.  It would be a great transition piece for autumn paired with a cardigan or shrug for a little extra warmth when it’s chillier, but it’d be easy to cool off if the Indian-summer sun comes out simply by removing that extra layer.

It’s simple, but would look utterly elegant paired with capri, cigarette, or swing trousers, as well as with a pencil or swing skirt.

Staying with separates, the second item I’ve got my eye on is the Necessary Evil Alpheto White Blouse (£29.99).  Arguably, it’s the complete opposite of the ‘Shala’ top, but it would still be a great addition to any gals’ wardrobe, especially those of you who tightlace and wish to remain modest – I know when I put a corset on, I can end up sharing my decolletage with the whole town, which isn’t the look I tend to want(!), so adding a beautiful top like this to my wardrobe might see me lusting over corsets once again!  But equally, with the lace-up back, it would help to create a wonderful silhouette when paired with a high-waisted pencil skirt, with or without the addition of a corset.


Looking a bit more towards autumn, these Jist Swallow Capri Jeans (£27.99) are the almost perfect rockabilly addition to any transition wardrobe – you could wear them with heels or Chucks all summer long, and when the weather starts to turn, you could tuck them into knee-high boots (with or without cosy socks!) to keep your rockabilly style without sacrificing your toes!  The red seam detailing and swallow embroidery would look perfect alongside leopard print, or any other of the classic rockabilly motifs such as anchors or sugar skulls.


Speaking of sugar skulls, how cute is this Banned Sugar Skull bolero (£21.99)?   With long sleeves it’s another ideal transition piece, perfect for a little cover-up over a vest or halterneck top now, and still perfect for extra warmth on a cool day over a blouse or other long-sleeve top, and would work brilliantly as an extra layer underneath your coat or jacket when it gets really chilly.  It’d look great as part of a Día de Muertos outfit, or just for a little extra day-to-day outfit-attitude.


And while we’re on the subject of coats, what better to wrap up warm in than the beautiful Necessary Evil Gothic Morrigan Faux Fur and Wool Coat (£129.99)?  With the faux-fur collar and cuffs it would look stunning when worn with a vintage hat and a good pair of gloves, I’d probably choose a fairly bright colour for both – perhaps a phone-box red or a jewel-tone purple – something that would make a little ‘pop’ alongside the dark colour of the coat.




Now for a quick look at some choices for the fun things that happen at this time of year: parties!


My personal favourite pick for halloween is the Necessary Evil Gothic Lilith Dress (£29.99, currently on sale at £14.99), with the jagged hemline it’d be the perfect dress for any pin up witch to wear – just add a pointy hat, broomstick, contrast seam fully-fashioned stockings, and a sexy pair of heels, and you’re good to go!



For you dolls that are more into horror, monsters, gore, and zombies than witches, the Necessary Evil Gothic Terra Zombie Dress (£29.99) is equal parts sexy and scary – showing off your shoulders and just the right amount of leg, you’ll look like you’re moments away from being snatched away by a giant zombie, with the bright print placed just so around the waist.




Once all the fun of halloween is over, we need to start thinking about all those christmas and new year parties, and the Chic Star Retro Belted Bow Dress (£38.99) is a wonderful choice, it comes in a fabulous festive colour, the collar adds a really nice touch, as does the bow – which would be set-off perfectly by a christmassy brooch pinned to the right-hand side of the bodice, cute little peep-toe heels, and a vintage clutch bag to hold all your essentials.



Disclaimer: Kate’s Clothing have not asked me to write this review, I have written this wishlist simply for the fun of sharing new items with you.  All opinions expressed are mine and mine only.


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