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Compliments and Comments

A little while ago, a colleague said I reminded them of Audrey Hepburn, that wasn’t really my intended look that day, but with the black dress I had on, and the way I’d put my hair up, I guess I could see a passing resemblance, although I think she’s much prettier than I.  However, it did leave me thinking about what other people say about the way we dress; and by we I mean all of us across, inside, and outside of all possible cultures and sub-cultures.

People are often negative towards others who are “not like” them, more so those who are very visibly different – hair dyed a colour in the crayon box, tattoos, piercings, an obviously different style of dress…you know the sorts of things I mean.

Somethings I think everyone should aspire to, but too many seem afraid…

Sadly, this can often cause problems things like name calling, excluding, and worse.

But not everyone is negative towards those who are ‘different’ to them…recently I had some errands to run in town on my lunch break, and as I was walking into the post office an older gentleman stopped and said to me “you look very smart”, I thanked him and he told me that I was welcome.  Of course, kind remarks like this are always welcome, but what shocked me about it was that I wasn’t exactly very “normal” that day…far from it in fact: alongside the simple black vest and denim jacket, I was wearing my lime green high-waisted pencil skirt and my “Peeper Creeper” heels – the ones I affectionately refer to as “my eyeball shoes”.

Perhaps now you understand why they’re my “eyeball shoes”?

Both of these are in stark contrast to the stares & whispered comments that have become so normal to me I barely even notice them; with two recent exceptions – one being the stares of one lady as I walked down the street (she almost broke her neck looking at the (rather plain!) shoes I was wearing that day); the other being a chorus of ‘”phwoars” I received while walking through my hometown one weekend afternoon (which surprised me both for the age of the term, and also for the hugely blatant display of sexism by a group of teenage boys).

Our society has a whole host of issues, but I believe that the way people treat other people is something that needs rectified because it’s behind so many other issues – so maybe being nice to somebody won’t stop whatever war’s going on, but I bet it will make a big difference to that person’s day, and over time it’ll make a bigger difference to your life…and who knows where it might lead after that 😉

This, a thousand times over.

What about you, what reactions do you normally get from strangers?  Do you get compliments, or do you get those funny looks because you’re “not normal”?  How do you handle the good, and not so good, reactions from strangers?


2 thoughts on “Compliments and Comments

  1. You go girl! Keep being you!

    I get a lot of negative remarks and strange looks about the way I look and dress. I don’t see why some people have a problem with me wearing what I want because they do! Even if it is their pyjamas and slippers when shopping at midday. They can wear what they want, so why can’t I? My attitude these days is “pink hair, don’t care!”

    I couldn’t help laughing the other day, when I was walking into the shops, some bloke was staring at me as he walked the other way that he walked straight into someone else walking toward him!

    There’s always the compliment and there’s always some lovely, uplifting words of encouragement out there though. Life is too short to be anything but ourselves!


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