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Review: Glamour Strapless Bra from What Katie Did

One of the things I love more than leopard print is great customer service, and a wonderful product – and I can wholeheartedly say What Katie Did definitely delivers both of these!  Originally, this post was going to be a look-at-and-review-of the Cabaret bustier in peach, however upon trying the bustier on (and receiving some of WKD’s brilliant customer service) I was saddened to learn that it and my body were simply not compatible.

However, all was not lost as it was suggested that I try the Glamour range, both because of the different fit and also because it would go well with the Cabaret panties I had bought to wear with the bustier.  So, after considering my options I plumped for the strapless bra; as although my lingerie drawer is currently lacking in most departments, the one thing I didn’t have and didn’t have a substitute for was something to wear underneath halterneck and off-the-shoulder dresses and tops.

Front view – I think that the organza makes a for a nice effect, as well as moulding better to the shape of my breasts than a ‘regular’ cup

The fab customer service meant that when I returned the bustier on the Wednesday afternoon to be exchanged, the strapless bra was posted back to me on Friday and was placed in my mitts by the postie on Saturday morning.  Boy, was I happy!  I signed for my parcel, thanked my postie, and ran right upstairs to try it on.  It was love!  The fit, perfect; the colour (still) perfect; I couldn’t wait to wear it – and soon had the perfect reason to put it to the test: Mr LPU’s birthday.

Being on a Saturday meant I had the perfect test-run day: I needed to pop in to town that afternoon, so I paired my new lingerie with a leopard print skirt, black off-the-shoulder-top, red bolero, nude RHT stockings, and black wedge sandals.

Back view – it has a triple hook-and-eye closure

I’ll be honest at this point and say I was more than a little bit worried.  While the fit of the bra was good, it didn’t really seem to like staying in place – I did worry that I might end up with “falling bra syndrome” in the middle of town, but my worries were (of course) unfounded.  The Glamour bra stayed put all around town, so I was a lot less worried about wearing it to go out – not that I’d be doing anything particularly vigorous once we were out, but it was good to know!

My outfit for the evening was a teal skater style skirt, my Pin Up Girl Clothing ‘Vamp’ top in black, black ankle boots, and a simple black cotton jacket.

The Glamour bra is perfect to wear under my Vamp top – there’s not a whole lot of room left in it once I’ve got myself zipped in – and the next size up is huge all around on me – so previously when I’ve worn it, I’ve worn only it (which can get a little chilly!); needless to say I’m very glad that I now have a bra to wear with it, and especially one that’s really comfortable and doesn’t cause any funny lumps and bumps to show through.

I love this little bow between the cups, just nice and subtle, unlike some!

In the past I’ve tried all sorts of strapless bras, some with silicone bands here, there, and everywhere; some that promise to stay in place even if you jump around; and none have lived up to these expectations, plus very few have been comfortable while not performing as they should!  I can wholeheartedly say that this is not the case with the Glamour bra: it’s comfortable; stays in place; looks great; and it doesn’t cause any clothing issues.

A close-up of that wonderful organza

In fact, I love it so much, I’ve already ordered myself one in black, and intend on adding to my “Glamour” wardrobe again as soon as I can.

What about you – have you tried the Glamour bra, or is it on your ‘wishlist’?  What’s your favourite strapless bra?


Disclaimer: What Katie Did have not asked me to write this review, I paid for the items myself (including return postage to exchange the bustier) and have written this simply for the love of the items, as well as What Katie Did and their brilliant customer service.  All opinions expressed are my own.

PS – pay a visit to the What Katie Did website, or their forums


8 thoughts on “Review: Glamour Strapless Bra from What Katie Did

  1. May I ask why the cabaret torselette wasn’t compatible? I have been looking at purchasing the cabaret bra but now I’m unsure. Maybe it wouldn’t be compatible with me too?


    1. Hi Juliet,

      you know, on looking back through my emails for reminders as to why it wasn’t a good fit, I’ve actually just discovered it was the bustier, not the torselette! I’ve amended my post, and can tell you that the bustier didn’t work for me because of the cups – but having had a similar-ish issue with their Gwendoline merry widow, I may give the bustier another try just in case.

      Either way, I suspect both issues are because my breasts are augmented and don’t sit where most natural breasts would; however I’d still recommend trying the torselette (something I’d love to do too, by the way), as if you use PayPal you can use their ‘buy now pay later’ feature and order an array of sizes, then return all the ‘wrong’ ones before PayPal takes your money – and because WKD are awesome, they’ll have already processed your refund & you’ll just be paying for the item(s) you kept 🙂


      1. Thank you! I didn’t realise you could do that. It’s a great idea because buying online can be a bit scary – especially living so far away from the UK (Australia) !


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