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Lucky Haul!

In the small town I live in, and the surrounding area, there isn’t a huge vintage/antique “scene”, so it’s rare that I get to go ‘hunting’…car boot sales are usually about the extent of my off-line choice – but there is one local-ish shop that worth a rummage in, if I’m in the area; so when I was nearby over the weekend, I popped in and a rummage around.

I learned that the owner is closing down when all her stock is gone, and while that may take some time it’s still sad news; needless to say, I’ll be making sure that I rummage in every nook on every visit…it’s already turned up one mini-haul, and some other items I have my eye on for when I get paid (but I’m keeping those to myself!).

I love the shop that I found these items in, it’s a nice, big antiques shop over two floors and while it’s not always got the best light there are lots of items to look at, and lots of places to find hidden treasures, so I consider anything I find there a ‘lucky find’ as there must be literally thousands upon thousands of items when the shop is at its’ fullest.

So, what did I score on this visit, you ask?  Well, let me show you…

Starting off with what some may call the more mundane finds, I found – buried at the bottom of a basket – two scarves.


First up, after a good rummage in a ‘scarf basket’ I pulled out this beautiful blue number, which I later realised is 100% silk (I was much more bothered about colour, texture, and quality);
there is one small tear in it, which I’ve mended, and while it may not be as surreptitious as I might like, it’s unlikely to be seen when I’m wearing it.



The other scarf I found is a gorgeous pale pink nylon georgette, which sadly the photos do not do justice at all, and aside from a slightly loose corner hem, which was easily fixed, and a small dark mark, it’s in perfect condition.



After hand-washing and air-drying them, I was itching to give them a whirl and I have definitely got the ‘vintage scarf’ bug…they’re just so much easier to use and manipulate.  I did spy a couple of other scarves that I like while I was there, so I think I’ll have to look for them on a return visit.


Now, on to my two favourite finds of the day…

The first is this wonderful circular brooch, which coordinates perfectly with my red & chocolate brown harlequin Jenny dress from PinUp girl Clothing (which I happened to be wearing at the time).  You can see there’s a small patch of faded colour in the photo on the left, but it’s very hard to see in person, in fact I was most surprised when it showed and rushed to check the brooch, you can see a small patch of white/silver, but only if you’re looking for it, and very close to the brooch.






This brooch was one of the very first things I looked at, and I was conflicted between buying it immediately, and carrying on looking around, but I’m so very glad I decided to keep looking, because otherwise I may not have found my other new brooch.



 This stunning orchid brooch was my second find; as soon as I saw it, I knew it would go perfectly with a dress I’ve been wanting to buy since I first saw it: the Hawaiian Hideaway Dress – also from Pinup Girl Clothing – which I’ve been lusting over in purple and had bumped down my list a little way, but now may have to re-think that choice  – the two would be an amazing match, and I’d hate to wait while I buy other items and end up with it going out of stock, and I can imagine it’s not one that’s going to turn up on the sell & swap groups – or eBay – very much.



What about you – what did you find over the weekend?


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