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Save the Blow Dry

I am in love!  And I’m surprised to say it’s with a shower cap; but this isn’t just any shower cap – it’s the queen of shower caps!

I must admit, I’ve never ever used a shower cap before now, they just never seemed all that big – even for my fairly short, very fine hair – but Save the Blow Dry (STBD) seemed different.  In fact it seemed almost too good to be true, so I jumped at the chance when I was asked to review it.

The cap came in it’s own little plastic bag, but I found trying to put it back for storage a bit of a challenge, plus I feel a bit iffy about storing something that would probably do better being able to “breathe” in something that prevents air-flow, so I intend on making a little travel/carry pouch for it myself at some point.  Inside the pouch with the cap was a cardboard sleeve, the back of which had information on the cap and detailed usage instructions.

The instructions suggest brushing your hair, before clipping it up and putting on your STBD, then waiting until you’re dry before removing it.  The only thing I would add to these is that I put a fabric hairband on after clipping my hair up and before I put the cap on . It might be paranoia, or it might be my fine hair, or possibly a bit of both – but it works for me!  There’s also a suggestion that you can turn the cap inside out and use it to cover your favourite hair treatment, I’ve not done this yet but do intend to.

So, on to using my STBD!

It’s pretty cute, as far as shower caps go, and it didn’t smell too bad when I first took it out of it’s pouch, and it certainly seemed like it would be waterproof.  I was a little concerned that as the micro-weave towel extends right to the bottom edge of the cap, and the towel and cap are bound together by fabric, moisture may be transmitted into the cap itself, which would potentially mean wet hair, so I took an extra-long shower the first time I tried my STBD out, both to see whether this would be the case, and also to give it a really good “test”.

Once I’d got out of the shower, I dried myself off before taking off my STBD (as directed), and was happy to find my hair was perfectly dry.  In fact the only downside is that it leaves quite a deep mark from the elastic (when I looked at it again, there’s two bands of elastic running around the edge of the cap), and also the back of my neck was a little damp.  In the grand scheme of things though, those aren’t huge problems – elastic marks are only ever temporary, and I can towel the back of my neck off once I’ve removed my STBD.

In fact, I love my Save the Blow Dry shower cap so much, I’m a total convert and I use it every other day – not only does it work like a charm, it gives me the ability to give my hair a break from being styled by hot appliances, not to mention that STBD reckon we spend over two hours a week styling our hair (I know I do!), so it’s nice to know I can regain some of that time, making this a brilliant product for me.  That alone is worth much more than the £14.99 RRP – thanks Save the Blow Dry!  Now I’ve got to figure out what I’m going to do with all my extra free time, perhaps I’ll make a list of who will be getting their own STBD for Christmas.

Bonus feature!  Presently, STBD are supporting Khandel Light, who – are “a charity that is doing great work to greatly improve the lives of communities in and around Khandel, Rajasthan, India.  One of the most impoverished regions in the world, life for the poorest villagers of Khandel is at the margins of existence; families lack almost all the fundamental amenities considered essential and largely taken for granted in the UK and elsewhere – clean water, basic hygiene & sanitation, decent housing, medical care, and access to education (especially girls).  Every Save the Blow Dry sold through our website, directly funds a fortnight’s safe drinking water for a family in the desert region of Khandel, making a basic, but vital difference to people living with constant drought, where temperatures soar to 45 degrees.”

Disclaimer: I was contacted by Save the Blow Dry and asked if I would like to review their shower cap, besides receiving and keeping the cap I have not and will not get any further compensation from Save the Blow Dry, monetary or otherwise. Regardless of this, all opinions expressed are mine and mine only.


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