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Vintage Stockings

20131111-091048 pm.jpg
I adore this box, it’s so much sturdier than a plastic packet

A friend recently gifted me with some stockings, which in itself is a very kind act; but what makes the gift even more special is that rather than just being regular everyday stockings, they are vintage stockings.

20131111-091843 pm.jpg
One, two, three makes…a pair?

I was given four pairs in total, one pair came with no packaging, two pairs were in their original-never-before-opened packets (and boy – were they fastened tight!), and the fourth pair came in a Hanes box, which also held the other three pairs.

Let me just say one thing: there is nothing on this earth like a vintage stocking.  They feel both exquisitely delicate and very strong at the same time – quite unlike even my “modern” RHT (reinforced heel and toe) stockings, which always hold up to various aspects of my day-to-day life extremely well.

20131111-091828 pm.jpg
The attention to detail is just wonderful…

Two of the pairs are nude FFs (fully fashioned, or seamed, stockings), and the other two are RHTs. I was pleasantly surprised to find that one of the pairs came with a “spare” stocking – something that I’ve never seen in my stocking-purchasing time, but which I now think should be compulsory (after all – it’s a brilliant idea!).

They are a dream to wear, feel wonderful to the touch, and are a real delight and treat – I am so thankful my thoughtful friend gifted me with them, and it looks like I now have something else to collect!

I love wearing my gifts, and I just know I’ll be sad when each pair eventually can no longer be worn.


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