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Ozeri Double-Walled Thermal Glasses

OK, so it’s not strictly pin up related, but I do think that these glasses do have a bit of ‘vintage’ style to them.  Perhaps it’s the borosilicate that gives it away (it doesn’t sound like “real” glass when you touch them or put them down), or the double-wall; or maybe it’s because they can safely go in the microwave, freezer, and dishwasher.

Either way, I imagine that these could easily be the love-child of glassware from the 1950’s and the 2010’s.  Stylish and dependable, yet advanced with special features that you won’t find everywhere.

Apparently, because they’re borosilicate rather than common glass they’re shatter-resistant.  Surprisingly, I’m yet to find out – but that’s good news for me because I can be terribly clumsy!  As you can see from the photo on the left, they have little ‘dimples’, this is to aid in a “natural and effortless grip”.  Yes, that’s some marketing blurb but you know what – they’re right!  The glasses are rather rotund, but with the dimples holding the glass isn’t at all difficult, even for my tiny hands (which is possibly why I haven’t dropped one yet!).

The double-wall is a pretty cool feature too. Not only does it look pretty – leading me to wonder what things I can drink that will look nice in the glass, it’s an insulating feature.  I actually have problems with one of my wrists, which makes holding a glass of anything in that hand difficult, even more so if that’s a chilled beverage in my glass, but not so with these.  Not only does it protect my wrist from the cold (possibly another reason why I’ve not dropped one yet!), I also don’t end up with a damp hand from wanting to store my lemonade in the fridge before I drink it.  Admittedly I was quite dubious about this feature, but I have certainly been won over.

Apparently, they insulate from hot drinks too, but as I firmly believe tea belongs in a mug and coffee was the idea of a very deranged person I can’t comment, though I do firmly intend to use these glasses to hold my JD Winter Punch when I get my hands on a bottle, as it’s supposed to be drunk warm, and I shall add to this post when I’ve found out, though given the way I couldn’t at all feel the coolness of a chilled drink, I don’t see why heat should be any different.

When they first arrived, I was a little concerned about the size of them – they are generally quite dumpy looking – but someone found a way to put a lot of liquid in there; or at least certainly enough to quench a good thirst, but not so much that you can’t relax with something to take your time over on a cosy Friday night in.

Assuming that borosilicate is indeed stronger than regular glass, I certainly hope to be enjoying these glasses for a long time to come, the issue now is to find a suitably styled drinks cabinet in which to hold them…

Disclaimer: I was contacted by Ozeri and asked if I would like to review these glasses fro them, besides receiving and keeping the glasses I have not and will not get any further compensation from Ozeri, monetary or otherwise.  Regardless of this, all opinions expressed are mine and mine only.


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