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Perky and Perfect…

My (first!) set, in purple

I read Retro Chick’s “Lingerie Love” blog post last week with interest, and was enamoured with the ‘Perky Profile‘ bra that she shared.  The “up-to-date” sweater girl look certainly seemed appealing, so I ordered a bra and panties online to pick up in my local store, although I was concerned that it would be too small as the range only goes up to a DD cup and I’m often an E cup as much as I’m a DD cup. However, my concerns were unfounded – the perky profile bra fit me perfectly, and happy didn’t even come close.

The bow detailing on the bra and panties

I must admit, even though these photos kind of make the bra look huge – it’s really not, well – at least not in comparison to other bras I own, although I suppose to someone who wears an A cup it’d be humongous, but then so would any other DD cup.  Regardless, it’s certainly not struck me yet that it’s a difficult bra to wear and that I need to be careful which tops I wear it under, but then so far I’ve only worn it under my red short sleeved jersey top, and a tank top.

And the print detail on the outside of the cups

It’s such a comfortable bra to wear, the lace trim isn’t itchy or scratchy, it doesn’t rumple up weirdly under clothes, and neither do the the bows because they aren’t obnoxious in their size (yes, I must admit to having some of those (but not for much longer!)), and the cups are lined in the softest, most comfortable fabric.

20131016-024857 pm.jpg
How it looks ‘on’

The bra looks great both uncovered and covered up, and even Mr LPU noticed I was wearing a new bra without any hint from me; I think it was the shape that gave it away, as he commented that I looked “bigger”, but then it is normal for me to wear a balconette style bra whereas this bra “lifts and separates”, rather than “pushing up, together, and out”.

And how it looks ‘on’ and ‘covered’

In fact, I like it so much, I’ve already ordered two of the other two colour ways it comes in (sadly, the third is out of stock in my size)!  As you can see under my jersey top it gives a nod towards the 1950’s, but not so much that I wouldn’t wear it for work, or shopping (as I did earlier this week).

Well done Marks & Spencer – please don’t let this be a once-and-then-it’s-gone range; I love it far too much for that and would love to see this bra in stock in a variety of colours and fabrics.

Disclaimer: Marks & Spencer have not asked me to write this review, I paid for the items myself and have written this review simply for the love of the bra.  All opinions expressed are mine and mine only, except where I noted Mr LPU’s opinion.

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