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Being Me…

I’ve had the topic of this post on my mind for a few days, and was spurred into action upon seeing a tweet by a company attempting to goad people into making a purchase with them by saying that certain celebrities “looked great!” at a recent event and that one could “get the look” in store or on-line (how convenient).

You may not find a ‘celebrity look\ in this store, but I much prefer this…

Much to various (and mostly female) family member’s disdain I have never been one to follow “fashion”.  While I was very young, I obviously had my clothes bought for me, and had very little say in where they were bought from; however, as I matured I discovered that there was more than just one or two options for clothing choices.

I won’t attempt to say I’ve had loads of different “looks” or “styles”, but I’ve had enough to know what I like, what I feel good in, and what suits me; needless to say most of it was rarely something the majority of people my age might have worn, although there were times when I would blend items from one “style” into my own way of being.

It seems that regardless of what I wear, people stare, or give me “funny looks”.  Perhaps it’s because I’m female and some men think they have every right to treat my body as a commodity to look at; perhaps it’s because I dress most unlike the majority of people where I live; perhaps it’s because we’re all just animals and have a base instinct to look at and/or point out “different”; perhaps it’s because I enjoy “dressing up”, even just to pop in to town.

Who knows why people look, stare, make comments, or anything else they might do.  All I know is I don’t care, not one iota.  I’m me, and I’m happy being me, I don’t care that other people may not like it, or may find it strange.

Popping in to town…

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