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I Love Leopard

That may seem like an obvious thing to say, but I think it bears sharing. You see a long while ago, I was informed that leopard print was “ugly”, not to mention that I just “didn’t suit it”. This made me sad, but I duly adhered to what I was told and stayed away from leopard print.

Just recently, I realised both of those statements are complete and utter baloney! So, I’ve been on a little bit of leopard print buying spree…

It started with these shoes:

20131008-084331 pm.jpg

Then there was these hair clips (which I absolutely adore – they’re holographic and change from pink leopard to pink zebra):

20131008-084357 pm.jpg

And then I got these hair clips too (and I still have just as many ideas as how to incorporate them into my hair as I do the others!):

20131008-084414 pm.jpg

Then the leopard-train stopped in by a loungewear set:

20131008-084430 pm.jpg

Made a de-tour by these undies:

20131008-084450 pm.jpg

Fell in love with this cardi:

20131008-084512 pm.jpg

And discovered these skirts:

20131008-084543 pm.jpg20131008-084634 pm.jpg

Of course, there are a few more things on my wish list yet, but I shall have to wait and see if I can treat myself.

What about you, do you love leopard print or loathe it? Would you do leopard from head-to-toe, or are you more into wearing one piece at a time (for the record, when I’m not wearing my loungewear or undies, I’m a “one-piece-at-a-time” kind of gal)


2 thoughts on “I Love Leopard

  1. I adore leopard print with every fiber of my being. Enough said! Whoever told you that it’s ugly should get their eyes checked. I’ve got leopard shoes, leopard undies, a leopard purse, two leopard dresses, leopard skirt, 4 pairs of leopard socks, … i’d better stop now! Good luck on your new collection


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