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Living in the 50’s?

After I announced on Twitter yesterday that I’m a What Katie Did affiliate, I got several new followers as WKD were kind enough to share in my excitement.

As I was checking out my new followers, and following them in kind, one of them Tweeted me (or maybe Twittered me, I never know which one it should be!).  She said: “@ALittlePinUp I love your bio, it’s refreshing from ‘I wish I lived in the 40s!’ – where you had pretty much zero rights as women?!”

That sort of took me by surprise a little.  I’m not one for talking about myself, in fact I tend to spend the smallest amount of time possible when editing a bio or “about me” section, but it was nice of MinxieCoquette to reach out to me and say so (it also made me think that maybe I should spend a little more time doing that type of thing…).

You see, as much as I adore certain aspects of vintage/retro/etc living and glamour, and I may sometimes daydream about being a typical 50’s housewife – baking, living in a nice big house, hosting cocktail parties, and so forth (and minus the kids!) – I wouldn’t actually want to live in the 50’s, for one simple reason: oppression.

Although we don’t have it all that well just yet (check out The Everyday Sexism Project, No More Page 3, and Page 3 Stories), we have it a lot better than our mothers did, and certainly our grandmothers too.  Just listen to what actor Sir Patrick Stewart has to say about the abuse his mother suffered at the hands of his father, and the response given by the police and others.

Feminism started with the suffragettes, and continues today through you & I, and our sons & daughters, nieces & nephews, brothers & sisters, and will continue as long as it needs to…


4 thoughts on “Living in the 50’s?

  1. This is a very well thought out post and I definitely agree with what you’re saying.

    One of my best friends who’s a native (she knows all about oppression and prejudice sadly) told me that when it comes to the 1940’s and 50’s she wishes we could have kept the stockings, the shoes, the dresses, hair, hats and the culture of glamour but just left the bigotry, the misogyny and all the discrimination behind.

    Bringing it back like we are now (the good stuff, not the bad stuff) as a good compromise I think 🙂


      1. Definitely yes Taylor! “Dressing up” like we do is our way of living the 1940’s & 50’s the way they should have been lived. Equal rights and opportunities but with the bad ass dresses, hair and stockings 🙂


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