Pin Up

“A Little Pin Up Everyday is Good for the Soul”

Or at least that’s what I like to think.

And I am truly your “everyday” kind of girl, much more like the “girl-next-door-but-one” than the “girl-next-door”.

I don’t have any YouTube tutorials, though I often watch plenty for ideas and inspiration.

I don’t have loads of money to spend on clothes, shoes, and lingerie each month because I live in the real world, and my bills keep going up and up.

I don’t live in the middle of London, or LA, just in a small town in the UK that has very little going on, and even less that has anything to do with much that interests me.

But still – like Dita Von Teese – I believe that everyone should always be glamorous all the time (or at least as much as possible), even if that means that under your jeans and sweater for work, which are hidden by waterproofs because of the atrocious weather – you have on some lingerie that makes you feel good!

Obviously being a pin up is more than just wearing nice lingerie, that is but one facet of the pin up lifestyle.  I have to get up super early for work every day, so I tend to stick with what’s easiest – things in my hair, such as little patterned clips, flowers, and bows.  Not quite as glamorous as fancy lingerie, I know, but then my lingerie drawer is sadly lacking a little at the moment anyway…

What do you do to bring a little glamour to your daily life?


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